System with no cash involved. Player uses a swipe card or a pin number; Adaptable to any state regulation. Innovation on this particular item is constantly adapting to the new realities of the Regulatory Organs of the different States of the United States and abroad! This can be a profit yielding tool because it eliminates mistakes, and reduces the involvement of a few employees and ensures privacy to the player. Call us to check our different options for Cashless System.  


You must see our revolutionary, but simple, backend system! All the reports necessary touch by touch, play by play and everything else needed on a backend system! Our experience has demonstrated that a few operators may want their own customized reports; we can work with you to customize the backend system for you. For Pull-Tab operators, this backend system is a must! You will be able to control anything you wish to control, including counting your finites!


Imagine a system that takes care of, not only compliance, but also issue reports to you! While you are in the imagination mode, imagine how much more of your time will be freed to manage your location! Locations such as Casinos or Bingo Halls can hook up their entire operation online and produce practically any report imaginable required by you, as an operator, and/or requested by law in various states. Note that our business is highly regulated. Compliance is a must and accuracy is at the top of expectations! You will run your operation smoothly and will have peace of mind to run your business rather than worrying about reports and revisions using our Online System. Need more time to manage your business? The Online System is the tool you need for that!

our patented hand-held)

Our patented Easy Bingo is something worth checking! Players can have it attached to the upright cabinet thus maximizing their earning potential and consequently, your profits or be used as a simple hand-held device with the same gaming capabilities of an upright cabinet! The Easy Bingo® can be programmed as a standalone hand-held, can be attached to a cabinet, or can be programmed to Bingo Class II, or simple Bingo. The potential for earnings is outstanding! Call us for a demonstration of the Easy Bingo® System or come to our facilities.

This is a popcorn machine that allows your players to do everything on their own without the interference of an employee. This type of system has an endless potential because it is self-contained, and allows for the player to choose between playing Bingo electronically or in paper! It “drops” its own balls, issues its own earnings and paper if the player chooses to do so. No need for callers, no need for employees, it is totally private to your customers and it is a “good look” enhancer to your establishment! We will be thrilled to demonstrate to you how this popcorn machine works to yield even more profits to you!