About us

Centurion Games, Inc. is a software designing company as well as a manufacturer of traditional and custom gaming cabinets. We are a full line manufacturer. Having spent years dedicated to our growth in, and contribution to the gaming industry, we design our own software as well as fabricate and manufacture gaming cabinets to meet our software's needs, and to meet the specifications of our clients. Our mission is to ensure an exceptional gaming experience for anyone who gets the opportunity to play a Centurion game. Centurion Games, Inc. is a highly innovative company, having designed and patented exclusive, advanced components for games with the aim of attracting players who are seeking to increase their chances of winning. 

Our graphic artists and sound designers are some of the best in the industry, and use the latest, state-of-the-art designing tools. Our goal is not to compete with other companies in the visual appeal of our games, but to set the standard. 

Centurion also has a department that is dedicated to taking care of all regulatory issues. We are registered with the Department of Justice under Gambling Devices Act of 1962, and we are regulations compliant in a number of states. We also have specialists on The National Indian Gaming Commission 25 CFR Part 547 – Technical Standards for “Electronic Computer, or Other Technologic Aids” used to play class II games.

We have operated equipment on 4 continents. We are prepared in every way imaginable to supply your location with the best possible equipment and software to assist you in the continued growth of your business. 


All of our games and software are both BMM Laboratories and GLI Laboratories certified, and we are continuously seeking updates in said certifications.

Our cabinets are U.L. ready to Certified, because the safety of your customers is paramount.

Our exclusive, patented components are also certified as Class II or Class III compatible.

Technical Support

Our fast response and in-loco technical support crew is always available to our customers. Our technical support personnel are not only capable and prepared for any technical support need at your location, but also prepared to tackle any certification challenge your business may require.